The Three Phases of Cloud Computing: How to Resolve the Problem…

Cloud computing is one of them most innovative and useful phases of the Internet’s evolution. It is steadily emerging in popularity right now both in the Information Technology and business worlds. It can deliver a wide variety of advantages using the web. All the cloud-based services can meet every need with flexibility and portability as well.

Cloud Computing Ideas by Luke Lonergan

Cloud computing exists because of the need for cost reduction. Many of the companies decide to go ahead with cloud computing because the interface allows them to use it without having to upgrade their software. The transition to the cloud program is also made easier by pre-existing technological resources from the web.

There are various choices available regarding specific cloud solutions. The use of different modes will depend on the company’s individual necessity.

Here are the three basic cloud-service models…

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This particular provider will allow users to utilize virtual machines and servers as well as other resources from the network. The provider hosts the software used within the cloud. It solves the man with a problem as well as those in need of memory and storage capacity for their company. It also is an advantage for those users who would like to have a public cloud for sharing resources.

Web services from Amazon are good examples of this type of programs.

  1. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With this model, the provider of the cloud is in charge of the computer platform, web server, and database. The user will not have to buy and manage them. This is advisable for those who would want to run their software solutions on a platform and make it available to similar users as well. It is a good alternative for web developers.

As an example, we can highlight Windows Azure as a platform application by Microsoft.

  1. The Software as a Service (SaaS)

On the other hand, the third one provides an On-Demand Software program. Applications and programs get controlled by the service providers primary machine. This is good for those who do not want to install our run their software on the site itself. It is ideal for those who wouldn’t want to handle maintenance and upgrading.

Office 365 is an example of this type of program.

By understanding what cloud computing is and what type of services they have to offer, various enterprises can develop strategies that will suit their business plan and solve their needs accordingly.

About Luke Lonergan

Luke Lonergan is the CEO of Greenplum company and lives in San Francisco. Luke Lonergan believes in spreading technology, specially cloud computing and big data to everyone.

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