George Washington Part 1 by Luke Lonergan

Here is blog post about the era of George Washington and the Civil War on my new “Luke Lonergan Blog”:

American’s area unit ferociously freelance folks which freelance spirit was born in

the battles of the revolutionary war wherever America explicit firmly that they might no

longer bow to a king or let the centralized government have such sweeping management

over individual lives. The outrage over however European country tried to place the colonies below

servitude was the foal that caused the explosion called the Revolutionary War.

And much effort was created to assure there was language within the constitution and different

critical documents to assure that the federal would be severely restricted from

interfering within the lives of its voters.

Beyond that the preservation of the union jointly country was conjointly in contest within the Civil

War. however it absolutely was the ethical issue of slavery that created the war such AN emotional

issue and one that caused folks to fight with such savageness to defend their facet.

In the end, even lawyer created slavery the central rational for the war and

determined that the top of this barbaric apply would be the gift of this atrocious


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