Some Civil War History Part 2 by Luke Lonergan

Here is a snippet from my new “Luke Lonergan” blog post:

In times we glance back on the war as a large battle to bring AN finish

to the horrors of slavery during this country. And to make sure, the war is and can

forever stay a central a part of black history and also the starting purpose of the civil rights

movement in America. however the causes of the war were advanced and numerous that

only created negotiation and backbone of the war tougher prior to of conflict.

Part of the problem that was being fought out was the rights of states for self determination

as balanced with the rights of the federal to work out affairs within the

individual states. On the surface, this could appear trivial compared to ending slavery however

put in context, it absolutely was a vital relationship to iron call at lightweight of our not terribly distant

memory of our revolution against European country for making an attempt to impose unreasonable controls on

the colonies.

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